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My Purpose for Coaching is:

To Help Women Stop Over Drinking


In fact, your brain is working exactly as it is meant to. Our primitive brain wants to seek pleasure and that is exactly what your brain receptors get when you consume alcohol.

The basis of my program stems from cognitive based techniques. Positive psychology techniques, tools, and skills not only create rapid change, they also produce the longest lasting change


We can all say no to a drink but I'm sure you don't want to spend the rest of your entire life wanting something you "can't have". Your goal is not only to stop over drinking, you also want to stop the drinking thinking and cleaning up the mess after a night of having one too many.


Willpower only gets you so far.



Eventually, you'll need to look at the real reason you over drink.


Rapid change in your behavior comes from understanding what your urges really sound like and unlocking positive behavioral change that create new neural pathways and rewiring your brain.


You can learn these tools to retrain your brain so you are able to cut back or eliminate drinking altogether. You will be back in control. Your primitive brain will stop being the toddler throwing a tantrum to get what it wants. You are the adult in charge. 


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Learn the Foundational Tools to Stop Over Drinking.
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You will learn:
  1. Why you continue to drink.
  2. Why it's hard to cut back.
  3. How to cut back.

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