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3 Tools to Stop Over Drinking 


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3 Tools to

Stop Over Drinking 



  • Do you want to gain back control of your drinking?
  • Do you want to stop feeling shame and embarrassment?
  • Do you want to not feel alone?
  • Do you want no more regrets?
  • Do you want to stop beating yourself up?
  • Do you want to stop your desire to drink?
  • Learn how to manage your desire and how to stop yourself from absentmindedly pouring yourself that first glass of wine when you really don't want it.
Reduce Anxiety​
Alcohol covers up emotions including anxiety. You might let go of anxiety during your drinking session, but it will be back at full force in the morning. 
Learn to thrive and manage ALL of your emotions.
Boost Productivity
When there is no self loathing to be done because you aren't hungover, what will you do with all of that time?
You guessed it... be productive and get things done!
Lose Weight
Stopping over drinking will help you lose weight faster than before. You might not be seeing the needle on the scale moving much and it's partly due to the extra calories and your metabolism. Your body can't get to burning the food because your liver is too busy ridding you of the toxins from alcohol.
Save Money
Not only is alcohol expensive, but all of the choices you make while under its intoxication can add up. You're probably spending more on drinks and entertaining friends than you'd like to be... and over spending because your prefrontal cortex is dulled. 
Improve Self Confidence
When you do hard things and come out on the other side of it, your self confidence will soar. Doing this one thing, stopping over drinking, will be the best thing you can do for yourself.
Sleep Better
No more waking up in the middle of the night with restlessness and anxiety over what happened the night before. No more interrupting your circadian rhythm. Better sleep begets better choices, better productivity, better healing of your organs and body, BETTER HEALTH in every area of your life.