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Stop Quitting on Yourself

Do you categorized your behaviors as

"good" or "bad"?

I did (and sometimes still do because aren't we all a work in progress?). Now that I have the tools (the Self Coaching Model) I can whisk my way out of my old thoughts and beliefs. I can call B.S. on myself.  

If I drank, I was bad -- if I said no to a drink, I was good.

If I didn't eat sugar I was good and if I ate it I was bad.

When I kept doing this I felt defeated and exhausted from all of the "hard work" I was doing. No wonder I gave in to drinking for some relief because all of my efforts to be "good" felt like I was swimming up stream. I created rewards for myself that weren't healthy. 

I quit on myself and felt like I couldn't make a change and I felt stuck.

What I needed to do (which has taken A LOT of practice) is to see that my behavioral change needs to come from my thoughts and NOT my actions. 

I put so much emphasis on the doing or not doing. 

I needed to ask WHY I wanted to drink in the first place. 

Every ACTION comes from a THOUGHT.





When I decided to quit drinking for good I asked myself a lot of quality questions instead of just saying "NO" to a drink. It wasn't until I knew the reasons whole heartedly that I was able to make the shift from over desiring alcohol to not desiring it at all.


Revisit the Weekdays Without Wine Free Course. Take a closer look at your actions vs. your thoughts. What do you uncover?

It's not quitting or failure... it's just that you don't know how to stop and ask yourself the questions about your WHY... AND to stop to LISTEN to the answers as well.