Good News 

Take a Deep Breath... I've got you & you've got this!

Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp 

DIY 8 Week Program

Your drinking habit is not going to change on its own.

It's time to take action.

What You'll Learn:

Life Long Skills

How to handle social situations and hang out with people that are drinking when you're not.

Get your off button back. Stop at one drink and not have an urge for more.

Feel self-confident when you are asked to have a drink and not cave into peer pressure. 

How to not have the next day blues and regrets if you had a binge the night before. Use curiosity instead of self-blame.

End the tug-of-war battle with your strong urges to drink.

How to ride an urge like a wave at the beach. Mental surfing.

How to stay social and not isolate just because you're not drinking or cutting back and changing your habit.

Realistic step by step process to making decisions ahead of time to you don't drink when you plan not to drink. 

Rewire the neural pathways to lose your over desire. I'm talking neural plasticity (we are just at the beginning stages of uncovering the magnitude of what are brains are capable of).

Learning and implementing self-coaching on a daily basis.

What Are You Losing Out On if You Wait?

  1. Losing time stewing in shame and embarrassment and guilt

  2. Losing productivity

  3. Losing energy

  4. Losing goals

  5. Losing memories of experiences with loved ones

  6. Regret about things you said while intoxicated

  7. Losing out on vibrancy

  8. Losing working at your A game level

  9. Losing precious mental real estate and not thinking about ideas that create growth and well-being because you spend time thinking in regret

  10. Losing connection with yourself

  11. Losing connection with loved ones

  12. Losing your full potential

  13. Losing money. The money you spend on drinking could be put to better use = invest in mental well-being

What Would You be Gaining Instead?


  1. Gain Mental clarity

  2. Gain Better sleep

  3. Gain Healthier food habits

  4. Gain Working out again or if you’re already working out you’ll have more energy & efficiency

  5. Gain a Guiltless life

  6. Gain Confidence that you can cope with anything without relying on something outside of yourself.

  7. Gain More energy

  8. Gain More productivity

  9. Gain Goal achievement

  10. Gain Living a life beyond your current status quo

  11. Gain Not feeling sick or hungover

  12. Gain Better Skin

  13. Gain Ability to handle any emergency

  14. Gain Ability to handle any emotion

  15. Gain Less unnecessary arguments

  16. Gain Self confidence

  17. Gain Deeper intimacy with partner—if you know what I mean πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ‘©‍❀️‍πŸ‘¨

  18. The list goes on & on

Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp 

Daily Actionable-Skill Building Homework Emails

In order to keep you accountable, daily actionable steps and new learned skills will keep your mind in check. Do the homework every morning to set your daily intentions. 


The more tools at your fingertips the more success you will have. The real work happens between the weekly calls. You will achieve the best results by putting pen to paper and doing the materials in the library.


It is not uncommon to spend too much time thinking about what's gone wrong. Our primitive brain is wired to look for danger to keep us safe. That programming no longer serves us in the same way because our lives are not in physical harms way. Enjoy a 21 day gratitude meditation to create more balance in your life.

I will help you stop over drinking and reach all of your goals.

Perhaps you have lost sight of the authentic power that already resides inside of you. You are NOT powerless! Through my program you will gain back control by creating a new relationship with alcohol. 


Changing this relationship will have ripple effects in all areas of your life. You will deepen relationships with loved ones, sleep better, make better food choices and lose the excess weight gain from drinking. You will be more productive, gain self-confidence, reclaim authentic fun that has been missing in your life and rediscover activities that you've been too tired or depressed to do.


You will learn to honor yourself again by committing to the promises you make when you say no to a drink and not shame yourself if you do.

There are More Benefits Waiting for You

Lose Weight

Better Health

Increased Productivity

Improved Relationships

Improved Sleep

More Money

You Can't Afford Not To

Mentally, Physically or Financially



What is it costing you if you don't make a change starting today?


  1. Emotional authentic well-being

  2. Physical health, your liver is over worked removing the toxins of alcohol when you over drink

  3. Healthy sleep with all the benefits of all sleep cycles (yes, your sleep cycles are interrupted when you are drinking- that's why you never feel completely rested)

  4. Loss of energy and productivity

  5. Personal Growth - in all areas of your life


We don't invest enough of our time into our mental well-being. 


We've not been taught the skills to cope with life without relying on things and substances outside of ourselves.


It's time for you to tap into what Mother Nature has provided for you since the day you were born...

the ability to handle anything without the use of a concentrated substance.

I learned tools, incorporated a daily practice

that rewired my brain,

and that changed everything. 


Karen P.

Thank you Stephanie for your honesty and easy to apply tools that you taught me. I'm not afraid of social situations anymore.

Riva G.

My relationship with my husband and children are better than they have been in years.



Jen T.

I have gained back my self confidence and I don't feel  the ball and chain relationship I had with drinking anymore.



  • 56 Daily emails with lessons and daily actionable tools for implementation = $1,197

  • Video Library = $497

  • Worksheet Library = $197

  • 21 Day Meditation = $49


Total Value = $1,940

Your Price: $497

Savings = $1,443


Only $8.87/Day



Let's Break it Down Financially:

How much do you spend on drinking?




A bottle of wine a day on average






(including vacations and buying rounds for friends at restaurants. And this is just for one person)




Stack that up against your investment into you mental well-being and tools

you'll have for the rest of your life (priceless).


These tools will have a ripple effect in to all areas of your life not just stopping over drinking.



Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know if this is the best time?

I'll be honest, your mind is going to try to convince you that there is never going to be a good time. That's normal, your brain wants to take the easy road at every chance given. Real life is happening all of the time. It is life and all of it's surprises that you need to learn how to cope with without using something outside of yourself a.k.a alcohol. If you are thinking that the only time to succeed is when life is "easy" then there will probably never be a "good" time. 

2. How do I know if this will program work? 

The difference with this program is that it is rooted in positive psychology. The program is not based on willpower. This program utilized tools that are modern day and habit changing. This program will rewire your neural pathways so you not only stop over drinking but you will lose your over desire for alcohol. 

3. I've tried to quit before and when I did I had difficulty falling asleep. I'm afraid I will not be able to get much needed sleep. 

Sleep and alcohol have been researched extensively. There is no doubt that alcohol disrupts your sleep cycles. When you cut back and take a break or stop drinking altogether you are teaching your brain how to rebuild healthy sleep cycles. When you take a break your natural abilities toward healthy sleep cycles will reset. You will have the best sleep that you probably haven't had in a long time. 

4. What if my partner is a drinker? 

Whether it's your partner or all of your friends, you will learn tools on how to navigate situations at home or social situations. You don't need to isolate yourself in order to be successful and practice implementing the tools in the program. 

5. I've given up drinking before and went right back to it.

When you focus solely on the days you haven't had a drink and mark the days off on your calendar you're focusing on a number and not the root reasons why you're drinking in the first place. This program is going to give you extreme amount of awareness as to the why you over drink. When you count the days on the calendar you're relying on willpower. Willpower is a limited commodity. It is not reliable and it is not on your side when it comes to changing the habit of over drinking. 

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to email me.

Your past does NOT 

predict your future.



100% Money Back Guarantee



If you don't get the results you planned for I'll refund you 100%


  • *You must show proof that you completed the homework on a daily basis. 

  • Log in to client only web pages are monitored.

  • Homework worksheets, 100 Urges, Drink Plan, Write it Down must be submitted via email within 1 hour of cancellation to show proof of participation of the program. 

  • Remember: What you put in is what you'll get out of the program.