Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp

Create Healthy & Balanced Solutions 

Are you ready to drink less without feeling deprived?

It's time to live your best life with less alcohol.


Happy Woman

Finally, you will not depend on a drink as either a "reward" or way to "cope" with life. 

Sound familiar?

You wake up most mornings promising yourself that you're not going to drink tonight, but then find yourself stopping at the market on your way home to pick a bottle so you can "just have one".

You've dreamed of getting back in touch with the woman who knows that she can handle any emotion: both good and bad.

You dream of the day you go to a party or social gathering and  are able to "take it or leave it".

You can't rely on willpower and "white knuckling" the urges, it's just not working and you're tired of your current results.

The regret and shame is getting in the way of you want to  show up for yourself and your loved ones.

The extra pounds you're carrying around are from drinking more than you want to and making poor food choices. 

Going to AA meetings doesn't fit with who you are. You want a solution in the privacy of your own home.


 to live a life with less alcohol.

You Wish...

... someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through a proven success formula that will work in REAL LIFE in order to lose your over desire for drinking and regain your "take it or leave it" ability. 

... it didn't seem so hard and you were on the other side of this situation.

You've Tried...

... doing it on your own and have gone a few weeks "in control", but find yourself back to your old ways because it's just too hard to "just have a one drink".

... avoiding social situations to "control yourself" but you feel worse because you're missing out and not having much fun being alone.


... what you're going to feel like once you've cut back on your drinking, figured out that you have the absolute power at this very moment to manage your mind, and are not living your life at the whim of your urge to drink more than you want to. 

Wind in the Hair

... what you'll feel like when you end your day without a drink to "take the edge off" and become more productive and have energy to get more accomplished after dinner instead of mindlessly binge watching Netflix.

A Pile of Sweaters

... the improvement in the relationship you have with not only yourself but your loved ones and friends. Confidence that you honor your commitment and goals you set for yourself.

Mother with her Two Kids

... starting that hobby you've been meaning to start but you just keep putting it off because drinking has become the hub of your fun and entertainment in your life.

Woman Painting Pottery

... waking up (early) and feeling fresh and motivated to go for that walk or yoga class instead of regretting how much you drank the night before or racking your brain to make sure you didn't do or say something you regret.

Women Stretching

 You've dreamed of...

Complete freedom of the mental battle that never seems to leave you alone day in and day out

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That's why I've created my step by step course:


Cut Back Permanently &

Create Healthy, Balanced Boundaries Surrounding Alcohol

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12 months access to membership website & course materials


 Skill Building Emails and Daily Lessons:

Deep dive lessons teaching you life long skills to manage your mind and create a new belief system to change your relationship with alcohol.

✓ 35+ Worksheets: 

Navigate your journey with essential worksheets that enhance the quality questions you need to be asking yourself to change your relationship with alcohol.

✓ 10+ Instructional Videos:

Step by step videos to walk you through how to manage urges, and cope with life without using something outside of yourself.

✓ 21 Day Guided Gratitude Meditation:

It's time to reconnect your mind with your body. In order to manage the urge to drink it's imperative to learn how to manage your mind through meditation and having gratitude of your life and living in the moment... not the past.



Rapid results happen when you align yourself with weekly accountability with 1:1 coaching

Make the extra investment with yourself.

✓ 10 - 1:1 Coaching Sessions: 

Your journey is unique. We'll dive deep together weekly to get you back in control with your relationship with alcohol.

✓ 10 - Email Coaching Sessions:

At times you made a little extra help and encouragement. I'll happily provide that through email coaching. 



Woman Looking Out the Window


It was as if the course material was written just for me. Everything I learned I applied to all areas of my life, not just cutting back on alcohol. 

Woman at the Beach


I loved that I reached all of my goals. We set them up on the first day and I had a game plan everyday to stick to my goals and made each one of them a reality.

Wind in the Hair


I can sum up my experience with one word:




You're stressed most mornings because you woke up regretting drinking more than you planned to the night before.

You worry about your health because you're drinking more than you want to.

You struggle waking up on time because you're groggy from a late night of zoning out in front of the T.V. binge watching Netflix while you polish off the rest of the bottle of wine.

You're convinced you'd be more productive if you just didn't drink as much as you do.

The extra weight you're carrying around is because you over drink and don't have enough energy to do your morning workout routine.

You don't want to tell anyone you're worried about not being able to control yourself around alcohol.

You can't trust yourself around alcohol either home alone or at a social gathering.



You get up every morning refreshed and ready to exercise.

Your house has never been more tidy and organized.

Your relationship with your loved ones are better than they have been in years (not that it was so bad before, it's just next level better).

You've dropped those unwanted pounds without even trying.

Self-confidence is at it's best. You're ready to conquer your goals.

Your finances are leveling out. You're not wasting money on booze.

You're honoring your commitment to yourself.

You trust yourself at the end of everyday not to pour yourself a drink to either relax or cope with the day or life as it is.

Results women are celebrating in their lives during the Bootcamp and well beyond:

  1. Weight loss

  2. 50-90% Reduction in alcohol consumption

  3. Improved sleep

  4. Fierce mental clarity

  5. "The sky's the limit" productivity

  6. Deeper connection in relationships

Enjoying Nature


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There are More Benefits Waiting for You

Lose Weight

Better Health

Increased Productivity

Improved Relationships

Improved Sleep

More Money

12 month access of course content and materials


The 4 Foundational Tools. Changing your relationship with alcohol is fundamentally about changing your belief system. However, you need some concrete actionable tools to implement to begin to create awareness and manage your mind around alcohol. In this module you'll watch four short videos that are accompanied with four worksheets to for a quick start on your journey to create healthy, balance choices.


Desire and the Pleasure Principle. Willpower - Friend or Foe? It is a limited commodity. We tend to look at things/people outside of ourselves for pleasure and comfort.You'll learn to look into yourself and what Mother Nature equipped you with since the day you were born. It doesn't matter how much your partner or husband drinks. 


Creating a New Belief System What creates your urges to drink comes from what you've observed and experienced from your past. You can be doing a disservice to yourself if you are constantly looking at your past for answers. Learn to accept the past as insight and not a definition of who you are becoming.


YOU: Before & After. What you believe about yourself today is going to change drastically over the next few months. Today you might not have strong faith in yourself and you are most likely questioning if you will really change. In this module you're going to break through your belief ceiling and create the groundwork to build your inner strength and resilience for the times when you want to give up and go back to your "easy ways".