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Don't be stuck any longer.

Living under the veil of shame, embarrassment and guilt

is not going to help you move forward toward the life you want to live.

If it did work you wouldn’t still be over drinking. You’d be able to stop. 

In 30 minutes or less you will learn positive tools to apply

immediately to break your habit of over drinking.

Invest in you and your health TODAY. 

Cut back for good.

Let's decrease your desire for alcohol. This call is the first step. During the call I will help you plan what you can start doing today to stop over drinking. You will discover who you will become when you stop over drinking. Everyone loves the insight it brings them. Let's discover what would be so awesome if you stopped over drinking? 

Are you ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute coaching call to discover

how to break your over drinking habit TODAY.


I spent way too many years shaming and blaming myself. I truly thought something had gone terribly wrong that I couldn't fix. Stephanie's way of explaining things always made such logical sense. I can't believe I'm able to go to something social and not over do it. I have my off button back.

My life has changed! Yes, this was the hardest work I've ever done in my life, but I wouldn't change it for anything else. Now that I've stopped drinking, I'm spending more quality time with my husband because I'm not passing out in front of the TV every night.

Work 1-On-1 With Me

The Program:


In depth private weekly calls that will break down the specific reasons why you over drink. You will learn how to lose your cravings and urges and cut back on your drinking or stop drinking altogether. 


The more tools at your fingertips the more success you will have. The real work happens between the weekly calls. You will achieve the best results by putting pen to paper and doing the materials in the library.


You will never be left alone in a time of need or overwhelm. I answer all of my clients emails asap so they have the best success. 


It is not uncommon to spend too much time thinking about what's gone wrong. Our primitive brain is wired to look for danger to keep us safe. That programming no longer serves us in the same way because our lives are not in physical harms way. Enjoy a 21 day gratitude meditation to create more balance in your life.

Are you ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute coaching call to discover

how to break your over drinking habit TODAY.

Effective 3/15/20

Free Discovery Calls for 1:1 Coaching are by application only. Apply to be added to the waitlist, and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Stephanie Colson Coaching, this website and the content herein do not provide diagnosis, treatment or advice for drug or substance abuse, detoxification or recovery services.

If you are dealing with or are unsure of your symptoms, please seek medical advice.  

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