I Didn't Quit

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I stopped using fear to motivate me.

Massive Action: Keep Working No Matter What

How did I make the changes to my life that I SO desired? I decided I needed to stop researching and "consuming" information on finding the answer if I had a drinking problem. I finally decided that I had to DO THE WORK and see what fit for me and my lifestyle. I needed to stop thinking and start doing. When I drank off of my drink plan, I didn't sit in the misery of my thoughts. I worked through it even when it still was uncomfortable. I didn't quit! I was going to be not only fine with the discomfort, I was going to thrive with the results that I focused on.  I kept playing the movie of a healthy me until the end to keep me motivated. 

We use our fear of failing to keep us "safe" by not making the changes we want.

It's not the worst thing if you make a mistake. The worst thing for you is if you quit and stop trying. There is nothing outside of you that will make this work. The magic is inside of you. Stop looking and start doing. You need to access it and stop being afraid of the uncomfortable negative emotions.  You might have never been taught how to do this. That is what I am here for. I'll show you how to access it.

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