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The Rewards of Change- The Urges of Drinking

Updated: May 29, 2021

Is it easier to just give in to the urge?

Your brains first answer is going to be, "Hell, YES!", right? 

This morning I woke up thinking about all of the urges I've had to take the easy road. For example, not getting out of bed on time to seize the day, binge watching Netflix, drinking as a "reward" for all my hard work, not making healthy food choices, etc. I started to beat myself up for my lack of "hard work". I just sort of let the bad thoughts float to the surface. I quickly realized that old habits die hard, truly. That inner critic is lurking there waiting to sabotage our best intentions. Sometimes it's hard to turn those thoughts around. It takes practice to unwire those old neural pathways.


My reflection on those times leave me feeling unfulfilled. I turned my thoughts around as quickly as I could. I remembered the times that I pushed myself give me the most reward. The times that I feel the burn of change have given me the most long term gratification.

At this time of a new decade and New Year's Resolutions we all have the intention to make changes in our lives. Some of us want a full 180 degree of change. For example: stopping over drinking permanently, lose 20 lbs., stop complaining/self critic thinking and live toward your goals. Or, some of our changes are simple, i.e., drink 64 oz. of water a day, floss every night, getting eight hours of sleep, no T.V. durning the week. 

Our brains need time to adjust and

we must remind ourselves of that.

Stopping over drinking is a daily practice. The best level of success comes from when we don't beat ourselves up if we drink when we didn't intend to. We must use those situations as a time for curiosity, a time to learn, and a time to forgive.


Of course, it's "easier" to give in to an urge because your brain is wired to do so. And there is NOTHING wrong with that! Accept that fact. Once you know something you can't "un-know" it. Once you know that beating yourself up takes you to a place that is harder to pick yourself back up from you must stop the insanity of repeating the same behavior! You've proven it to yourself over all of these years of over drinking.

Do you want change? YES! How do you do it differently this time? You must feel the burn and discomfort of change. You must be willing to accept that stopping over drinking is a journey that is worth the discomfort.

Instant gratification cannot win over long term health and wellness.

Instead of trying to think too far into your future, just take one day at a time. Yes, make long term goals (and write them down) but once you do, just think of not over drinking one day at a time. Don't think about Friday after your long week and the "reward" that you normally give in to. Think about your journey of today. Make a plan for just today. The power of planning can not be underestimated. Giving in to free will has not moved the needle on your stopping over drinking. 

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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