Hi, I'm Stephanie Colson.


I'm a certified life coach who helps women create healthy and balanced solutions around alcohol. I'm obsessed (in a good way) with helping women live their best life with less alcohol without feeling deprived.

I'm the creator or Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp Program. This program teaches women to trust themselves around alcohol, take care of themselves in all areas of their lives, and reclaim their ability to cope with life without reaching for something outside of themselves (a.k.a. booze)! I also host a private Facebook group "Weekdays Without Wine" that is a safe community of women seeking practical and realistic solutions that they implement on a daily basis to cut back on alcohol. 

My story: I used to think I needed a glass of wine to relax and unwind. My habit started out small with one glass of wine every now and then, but then slowly turned into a bottle of wine a night and a weekend binge more often than I'd like to admit.

I was fed up with hangovers, the weight gain, poor sleep, the shame of remembering the cringey things I said the night before, and the mental energy I was putting in to drinking or cleaning up the mess of drinking (guilt, shame, forgotten conversations, regret for something I said or did, forgetting bedtime routines and good night kisses). I was just plain ol' tired of thinking about drinking and I truly thought I'd never would be able to control my drinking. 


I knew that the only way for me to make a change was to start from a positive perspective and not one that made me proclaim that had a disease or that I was powerless. I'm thankful to offer an approach that doesn't make you claim you are an alcoholic.

When I'm not coaching you can find me on the tennis courts. I love, love, love to play tennis. I lift weights, go on long walks alone and with family or friends. I spend most evenings curled up on the couch watching Marvel movies with the family and our two Havanese dogs, or getting under my covers and reading a juicy romantic novel. I also love spending time doing house projects and being outside gardening, or just relaxing in my backyard listening to the melody of the birds and reading a magazine. All of my other hours are spent taking care of my three kids and awesome husband. 

How Does A Life Coach Help You Stop Over Drinking?

You will learn that the answers are already inside of you. You just need to release them and bring them back to the surface. 


Living under the veil of shame, embarrassment and guilt is not going to help you move forward toward the life you want to live. If it did work you wouldn’t still be over drinking. You’d be able to stop. 


You'll discover that the beliefs and habit of over drinking was learned by you and the BEST news is that you can unlearn it as well. 

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I learned tools, incorporated a daily practice that rewired my brain, and that changed everything. 


Karen P.

Thank you Stephanie for your honesty and easy to apply tools that you taught me. I'm not afraid of social situations anymore.

Riva G.

My relationship with my husband and children are better than they have been in years.


Jen T.

I have gained back my self confidence and I don't feel  the ball and chain relationship I had with drinking anymore.