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to live a life with less alcohol

Weekdays Without Wine-4 Foundational Tools to Stop Over Drinking

Weekdays Without Wine-4 Foundational Tools to Stop Over Drinking


What you'll learn:

  • Are your urges to drink normal & why do you have them.

  • How to manage your urge to drink and not drink more than you want to.

  • How to make a plan and gain back control.

  • How to stop beating yourself up so you can end the shame and regret when you over drink.



You're stressed most mornings because you woke up regretting drinking more than you planned to the night before

You worry about your health because you're drinking more than you want to.

You struggle waking up on time because you're groggy from a late night of zoning out in front of the T.V. binge watching Netflix while you polish off the rest of the bottle of wine.

You're convinced you'd be more productive if you just didn't drink as much as you do.

The extra weight you're carrying around is because you over drink and don't have enough energy to do your morning workout routine.

You don't want to tell anyone you're worried about not being able to control yourself around alcohol.

You can't seem to trust yourself around alcohol either home alone or at a social gathering.



You get up every morning refreshed and ready to exercise.

Your house has never been more tidy and organized

Your relationship with your loved ones is better than it has been in years (not that it was so bad before, it's just next level better).

You've dropped those unwanted pounds without even trying.

Self-confidence is at it's best. You're ready to conquer your goals.

Your finances are leveling out. You're not wasting money on booze.

You're honoring your commitment to yourself

You trust yourself at the end of everyday not to pour yourself a drink to either relax or cope with the day or life as it is.