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 Live Virtual Workshop 

 May 13 & 14 @ 3-5pm PST (6-8pm EST)

30 Women Only

"Women Who Drink Less Do This..." 

Do you wonder how some women know how

"take it, or leave it" when it comes to drinking less?


What's their secret???

This Workshop is Perfect for You if You're Ready To...


  • Deep dive into learning how to manage your mind around alcohol

  • Learn the ultimate tool to drink less: The Self Coaching Model

  • Actively apply The Self Coaching Model with ultimate intention to learn how to cut back on alcohol permanently

  • Not stand on the sidelines "consuming" information about how to drink less

  • Get into the arena with a an expert by your side to show you the step by step process

  • Show up in person to get coached live & watch others get coached live so you can learn and share this journey together



  • Because you're sick and tired the same internal conversation you keep having with yourself

  • The promises that you make about cutting back never stick long term

  • The excuses you keep making are creating a net negative consequence in your life

  • You know deep down inside that at the end of the day you and only you are responsible for your health and cutting back - even if everyone else is drinking including your partner

I Know You & What You've Tried So Far...


  • Googling for an answer that gives you a quick fix/solution

  • Listening to podcasts but not implementing the advice

  • Reading books and attempting to implement the advice but give up on it and yourself too soon to see any transformation

  • Reading blog posts with good intentions to change but not doing anything active

  • Watching YouTube videos 

  • Joining Challenges to drink less, do the work and worksheets but don't continue to do the personal growth once the Challenge is over

  • Using willpower only to find yourself back into your old habits and beliefs around alcohol


This workshop "Women Who Drink Less Do This"

is not for the passive.

This workshop is for the woman who wants to stop the B.S. story in her head and get to work.

It's for a woman who is saying, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"

Join Us!

Only $49

(less than 5 bottles of wine!) 

30 Women Only


✅ I only offer these low cost workshops twice a year!

Trust me, I'm not a mind reader but...

Are you tired of :

Waking up with a fuzzy brain.

Walking in to the kitchen and seeing the empty bottle(s) of wine in the trash that you don’t remember drinking.

Rehashing conversations from the night before and painfully not remembering them.

Sleeping in and not having energy to get things done and losing productivity.

Weight gain from over drinking. Searching for comfort in unhealthy comfort food? Ordering french fries only because your inhibitions are down, or because you're mopping up the blues from last nights over drinking.  

Stop Self Sabotaging Your Efforts to Drink Less

Create Solutions That are Healthy & Balanced Around Alcohol

 Sound familiar?

You dream of the day you go to a party or social gathering and  are able to "take it or leave it".

You wake up most mornings promising yourself that you're not going to drink tonight, but then find yourself stopping at the market on your way home to pick a bottle so you can "just have one".

You've dreamed of getting back in touch with the woman who knows that she can handle any emotion: both good and bad.

Willpower and "white knuckling" through the urges, is just not working and you're tired of your current results.

The regret and shame surrounding your drinking is getting in the way of you want to show up for yourself and your loved ones.

The extra pounds you're carrying around are from drinking more than you want to and making poor food choices. 

Benefits Waiting for You When You Drink Less:

Lose Weight

Better Health

Increased Productivity

Improved Relationships

Improved Sleep

More Money

Even though it may not feel like it, now is the right time cut back on drinking...

Deep down there is a voice that is telling you to stop putting it off.

This is the perfect time to learn how to make life long changes about the way you perceive alcohol as the "solution" to relax, or let loose, or cope with life. 

There is a really good reason for you to invest in your well-being, today:

You want to feel better, like yesterday or even for over the last five years!

I'm hosting a live workshop for truly serious women who want to take action right now because the regret and shame is getting to be too much to bear.

This workshop is not designed for you to come and sit on the sidelines...

You will be an active participant. You will have a chance to get coached on your particular struggles. 

And this is exactly why...

👉🏻 This is a rare opportunity to get coached intensively and intimately at such a low cost. 

The specifics we'll cover:

  • Specific actions and behaviors for you to implement to set you up for success when the urge is at its strongest

  • Create a drink plan - this engages the "adult" in your mind and quiets the screaming, tantrum throwing toddler that lives in your brain that wants a treat at the end of everyday.

  • Self-Coaching - in depth learning on how to manage your mind. Learn to trust yourself when that little voice in your head is nagging at you to just have one drink.

  • Defining and creating future goals - make a solid plan about what you want to do with all the energy and time you'll have once you stop over drinking.

  • Implementing creating fun while you do this! Pleasure is a huge part of our lives. If you think drinking is your only pleasure we will work on creating authentic fun - and move away from the false pleasure of drinking.

Part 1

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 12.11.24 PM.pn

Create an Actionable Toolbox

Learn the how AND why to move through the urges to drink. Together we will uncover the mysteries of desire. Plus you'll learn realistic ways to set yourself up for success ahead of time before the urge takes over and you find yourself giving into it. 

Part 2

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 1.16.37 PM.png

Self Coaching - How to Create Success

The results you want and crave in your life live within the self coaching model. It's truly the secret to the universe. Live coaching - high touch personalized coaching. You will feel safe in this small group environment. 

Part 3

Bullet Journal

Implement Your Drink Plan

How to create this crucial plan step by step.

Q & A for personalized help so you can have the highest success on this journey. Live coaching - high touch personalized coaching. You will feel safe in this small group environment. 


May 13 & 14 @ 3-5pm pm PST (6-8pm pm EST) 30 Women Only!

The workshop will be recorded and uploaded so you can replay it for a limited time.


Our private Zoom room. The link will be emailed to you prior to the workshop.


  • BRAVE and ready to be coached LIVE so her life can start to change in that moment!

  • Truly serious to step up and do something she's never tried before.

  • Tired of relying on willpower to drink less

  • In need of help to change her habit of drinking more often and more than she wants to

  • Ready to roll up her sleeves and do the work

  • Not afraid to feel the burn in order to change

  • Wants to LIVE HER BEST LIFE with healthy and balanced solutions around alcohol! 



$49 (less a mani/pedi!)


✅ I only offer these low cost workshops twice a year!


I'll be giving away a few prizes to those who attend live and a free gift!


Email: info@stephaniecolson.net



In Her Words:

Finding your way through self-sabotaging landmines can feel exhausting... 

That little voice in your head needs to learn how to quiet down and step to the side. 

I like to think of it as a little toddler that is throwing a tantrum in oder to get a treat. You are the adult and you are in  charge and you need to get back into the driver's seat.

You can keep letting that voice run the show or...

You can join me for this live workshop AND get back in control of the voice in your head.

Join Me & Learn:

"Women Who Drink Less Do This..."

Only $49

💪🏻 Won't it be a GREAT day when your future self  turns around to give your "today self" a big fat high 🤚🏻 five because of the decision you made right now to join this workshop?

Karen P.

Thank you Stephanie for your honesty and easy to apply tools that you taught me. I'm not afraid of social situations anymore.

Riva G.

My relationship with my husband and children are better than they have been in years.


Jen T.

I have gained back my self confidence and I don't feel  the ball and chain relationship I had with drinking anymore.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Colson


I'm a certified life coach who helps women create healthy and balanced solutions around alcohol. I'm obsessed with helping women live their best live's with less alcohol! I love teaching women to create healthy and balanced solutions around alcohol. I coach women everyday and I LOVE it!

I'm the creator or Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp Program. This program teaches women to trust themselves around alcohol, take care of themselves in all areas of their lives, and reclaim their ability to cope with life without reaching for something outside of themselves (a.k.a. booze)! I also host a private Facebook group "Weekdays Without Wine" that is a safe community of women seeking practical and realistic solutions that they implement on a daily basis to cut back on alcohol. 

When I'm not coaching you can find me on the tennis courts. I love, love, love to play tennis. I lift weights, go on long walks alone and with family or friends. I spend most evenings curled up on the couch watching Marvel movies with the family and our two Havanese dogs, or getting under my covers and reading a juicy romantic novel. I also

love spending time doing house projects and being outside gardening, or just relaxing in my backyard listening to the melody of the birds and reading a magazine. All of my other hours are spent taking care of my three kids and awesome husband. 


My story: I used to think I needed a glass of wine to relax and unwind. My habit started out small with one glass of wine every now and then, but then slowly turned into a bottle of wine a night and a weekend binge more often than I'd like to admit.

I was fed up with hangovers, the weight gain, poor sleep, the shame of remembering the cringey things I said the night before, and the mental energy I was putting into drinking or cleaning up the mess of drinking (guilt, shame, forgotten conversations, regret for something I said or did, forgetting bedtime routines and good night kisses). 


I was just plain ol' tired of thinking about drinking and I truly thought I'd never would be able to control my drinking. 


I knew that the only way for me to make a change was to start from a positive perspective and not one that made me proclaim that had a disease or that I was powerless. 

The tools I learned rewired my brain, and that changed everything.


What I learned and practice now on a daily basis is what I teach you.

No matter where you are on your journey the skills I teach will end the battle in your head so you can lose the shame and regret surrounding your drinking. I have helped countless women live their best lives with less alcohol. 


These women have cut back permanently, got their "off button" back, they've lost their over desire for alcohol and can now "take it or leave it". 


Can you imagine that freedom? You never have to over indulge again. End the cycle of giving in to an urge and the exhaustion of regret and shame.

I've been in your shoes... I know the struggle is REAL! If I can make these changes in my habit of over drinking, so can you!

You're obviously ready to take action! I can't wait to be on this journey with you.

This Program is not for you if...

You are exhibiting signs of physical addiction to alcohol. Please seek medical assistance if you are.

Not so fine print.

No refunds for this workshop will be granted for any reason because the spots are limited. If you decide to take one of the spots, it's yours even if you don't attend. 

It's like a Beyoncé concert, if you don't go you'll sadly miss out and she won't give you a refund because you changed your mind ;) .

If you're really not sure whether this workshop is right for you, reach out to me at info@stephaniecolson.net and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be at the live session?

You do not, need to attend live. If you can be there live, awesome! That way you'll be able to get your specific questions answered and you can get high touch personalized coaching... and your name will be entered into win a prize (I'll also be throwing in a free gift)!

2. I've never done a small group coaching, will people see me?

Yes and no. You can choose to turn your video off on your camera and you can choose to shorten your name when you log into the Zoom webclass/workshop. If you "raise your hand" to be coached live the other attendees will see you if you turn your cameral on (I prefer camera's on so it's more personal and we can get to know each other better). Ultimately, it's up to you. 

3. Is it required that I get coaching?

No, you don't have to opt in for personalized coaching. However, I strongly recommend it. You'll get more rapid results when you have me help you break down your obstacles that are getting in your way to successfully cut back permanently. Everyone will reap all sorts of benefits by watching others get coached live. 

4. How do I know if this is the best time?

I'll be honest, your mind is going to try to convince you that there is never going to be a good time. That's normal, your brain wants to take the easy road at every chance given. Real life is happening all of the time. It is life and all of it's surprises that you need to learn how to cope with without using something outside of yourself a.k.a alcohol. If you are thinking that the only time to succeed is when life is "easy" then there will probably never be a "good" time. 

5. How do I know if this workshop will work? 

The difference with this workshop is that it is rooted in positive psychology. The workshop skills/tool are not based on willpower. This workshop utilized tools that are modern day and habit changing. This workshop will teach you how you can rewire your neural pathways so you not only stop over drinking but you will also extremely diminish your over desire for alcohol. 

"Women Who Drink Less Do This..."


Only $49 

30 Women Only

Create Solutions That are Healthy & Balanced Around Alcohol

Create a Life Where YOU Are in Control of Your Drinking

A Life That Has NO Regrets & Shame About Your Drinking

Stephanie Colson Certified Life Coach Lo

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