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Create Healthy & Balanced Solutions Around Alcohol
& Start Living Your Life



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Begin WITH...


You have more power than you think. 


My approach is different because the first thing I tell my clients is that they are powerful! 

How can you start any endeavor of change with an engine running on the fumes of a negative statement that creates a negative emotion?

So just imagine how freeing it is to realize that alcohol has no control over you. You can stop at anytime. You can actually just take it or leave it. There is freedom in holding your own power. 

FREEDOM = alcohol has no power!


It's time you try a path of positivity. Stop relying on willpower. Learn to manage your mind on a whole new level. 

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I know you're frustrated and impatient for change. You wish this was not something you have to fix. You're probably putting a lot of expectations on yourself to make these changes quickly.

Here's the thing, you've spent a long time teaching yourself the habit of drinking, years I'm sure.
Change takes time, practice and perseverance. Each day you work toward changing your habit the closer you are to permanent change and freedom from the chains that alcohol has on you. 

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Up until this point it probably feels like you've really tried hard to cut back or quit drinking. The one thing you're missing and the reason why you haven't had long term success is because you didn't have a plan, a road map or a step by step process. You also haven't learned how to manage your mind because you've been focusing on just saying, "no".

Making a plan, thinking on purpose, and making decisions ahead of time is going to create the freedom that you're in search of.  

Stop negotiating with yourself about whether or not you should drink. Focus on changing the dialogue that you're creating with your own thoughts that is ultimately fueling your desire to drink. 

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I have so much mental freedom now that I'm not over drinking. Taking a break was magical.




better sleep   

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lose weight

improved relationships

mental clarity



Hey there, I'm Stephanie.

I used to struggle keeping the promises to myself to not drink and cut back. 

For so long I couldn't figure out why I couldn't "just say no" and mean it.

I was tired of the hamster wheel life I was running. 

I didn't want to never drink again... I just wanted to be able to just "take it or leave it" without out all of the drama in my mind. 

I've created a whole new life for myself. 

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... what you're going to feel like once you've cut back on your drinking, figured out that you have the absolute power at this very moment to manage your mind, and are not living your life at the whim of your urge to drink more than you want to. 

... how it feels when you end your day without a drink to "take the edge off" and become more productive and have energy to get more accomplished after dinner instead of mindlessly binge watching Netflix.

... the improvement in the relationship you have with not only yourself but your loved ones and friends. Confidence that you honor your commitment and goals you set for yourself.

... starting that hobby you've been meaning to start but you just keep putting it off because drinking has become the hub of your fun and entertainment in your life.

... waking up (early) and feeling fresh and motivated to go for that walk or yoga class instead of regretting how much you drank the night before or racking your brain to make sure you didn't do or say something you regret.

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