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5 Reasons Why You Need to Cut Back on Drinking Now

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

What does drinking relieve?

Honestly, nothing!

Most of us have been taught that a drink will help solve for anything that is uncomfortable.

“Have a drink, it’ll calm your nerves”

“Bad day at work? Have a drink to relax”

“Kids are wearing down your last nerve? Have a drink to tune them out” (I used to call this my mommy bubble!)

“A party isn’t a party without a drink”

“Who goes to a wedding without a bar?”

“Kids birthday party? I hope they’re serving drinks”

This is what we call normal??

But is it normal to think the answer to “cope” with life is from something outside of yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I want to be a woman who is not reliant on a substance or anything outside of myself to manage my life. I know I have the power within me I just needed to learn how to tap into it.

So when did it become a problem for you (if you’re still not sure if it’s a “problem”, you being here reading this is probably an indication that it’s a problem for you regardless of the amount you’re drinking - it’s a problem because you’re searching for an answer for it to go away)?

Did you used to go to a party and stop after a drink or two? And now you’re having more than you want and need a few moments in the morning to wrack your brain to remember - and then when you finally do… the “oh shit! I did it again” dialogue begins.

Here are 5 reasons why you should cut back on your drinking:

  1. Relieving Anxiety - Lately, you’re waking up with more anxiety. Perhaps you can’t fall asleep because of anxiety. As a society we have been mislead to believe that a drink will take the edge off. In reality, drinking becomes an added layer of anxiety. For example, you have anxiety from the dramatic changes that are surrounding us with the pandemic of COVID-19. You’re hearing all sorts of misleading information and you don’t know how to process the information which leads to anxiety. Your current solution: have a drink (let's be honest it's usually more)… But guess what happens in the morning? The pandemic is still there, your thoughts that create your anxiety are still there but now they are amplified because you found no solution. AND there is an additional layer of anxiety you’ve created because you over drank the night before. The best way to cope with your anxiety is to not have a drink. Drinking amplifies your anxiety. There is no solution for anxiety by “treating” it with a drink. The way to manage your anxiety is with managing your mind not “losing/numbing” your mind with drinking.

  2. Eliminating Shame & Regret - Is there shame when you drink? What is the “thing” you’re trying to hide from? Shame grows stronger when it is hidden in the dark shadows of your mind. Shame can ONLY be conquered when you shine a light on it. If shame is lurking, drinking keeps the solution of ridding yourself from it at bay and in the dark. As scary as shame may seem, shame is only a thought… only a feeling… you my friend, can handle any thought and any feeling. I know you think you’ll “die”, but you won’t. You’re safe. There are no predators lurking out to hunt you down. It’s just your thoughts that you need to contend with and stand up to. There is a solution, I promise!

  3. Lose Deprivation - when you are in a state of FOMO you’re actually increasing your desire to drink. That’s right. You are the only one creating FOMO and you’re the only one who can end that and lose the feelings of deprivation. Deprivation = Increase of Desire! WHOA! If you believe a party is only fun if there are drinks flowing, then it’s time for you to rethink your definition of fun. Let me ask you this: did you have fun at parties before you got into the habit of over drinking? I bet you did but it’s been so long from now that it’s hard for you to remember those times. When you were a child did you go to a party and have fun? Probably… there you go, you can have fun without drinking! You are creating the feeling of deprivation when you are lost in thoughts of “I can’t have fun and relax unless I’m drinking”. The more you “can’t have a drink” the more your brain will desire it. That’s why you are feeling stuck. It’s time to reprogram your beliefs about alcohol and the perceived “benefits” you think it has.

  4. Long Term Health - it is not uncommon knowledge that drinking causes inflammation. Inflammation leads to all sorts of disease. Chronic disease, cancer, diabetes, brain health and function, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc. Inflammation impedes your energy, hormone balance, mental clarity which leads to not living in your “A" game state. The standard for drinks for women is ONE a day. That doesn't mean save up your drinks and have them in a binge on the weekends. If that's hard for you to manage, then it's time to work on your managing your mind (my specialty).

  5. Improvement in ALL relationships - The most important relationship you have is with YOU! It’s nearly impossible to have a great relationship with anyone else if you haven't taken care of your relationship with you first! If you’re finding yourself having difficulties with others, as painful as it might be, you must look at the relationship you’re having with yourself first. How can you work in the relationship with yourself? You must learn the tools to manage your mind.

I’m a speaking Greek right now? That’s ok… I didn’t know there were tools to help myself either.

I needed to be taught and guided.

The tools I’m talking about are NOT taught in school.

These tools I’m talking about need to be practiced and refined on a daily basis.

There is no substitute.

There is no magic pill.

The only answer lies within you. We just need to find access to them together.

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