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🔥 My Burnout

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

I’m working my way back to you!

Hello my friend! It almost goes without saying… I’ve been out of action in my business. There's been no new free content/videos and motivation from me in three months... and I've missed you!

Not to worry, all is good here with me. I just took a break that lasted longer than I planned. I do want to fill you in on why I took such a long break and I want to offer you something special that can help you invigorate you to get to work on drinking less and learning how to manage your mind so you find the peace and contentment in your life that you (and the collective us) are in search of.

I want to be honest with you and I don’t want to bore you with every detail so I’ll try to keep it short and try to give you a glimpse of behind the scenes of what I’ve been doing in my life and what being a “solopreneur” is about and how I basically burned out.

The truth: I let myself get burned out. I started doubting myself and my business. I was falling into some old habits of buffering and negative chatter about myself that left me with the result of “I can’t do this job anymore”. Even though I have THE BEST tools out there to coach myself with, (I was throwing a little tantrum of "I don't wanna"!) I didn’t want to do it actively everyday. I was taking care of everyone else first and I was putting myself second.

What I know for sure is that when you or I don’t do “the work” (i.e. thought downloads and implementing the Self Coaching Model) contentment and satisfaction in life can begin to slightly slip away. Needless to say, I wasn’t prioritizing coaching myself in my work life. So, instead of managing my mind in my life coaching business I just mentally gave up. I am still coaching my active clients happily but I just didn’t feel the desire to create new content. I think that taking that break is what I needed and now I am ready to give you all fresh content to help you drink less and create balanced solutions around alcohol. Moving forward, I’m going to do so without being so rigid and without putting these ridiculous goals on myself. I’ll still have goals but I won’t be setting up more than I can handle.

The BURNOUT: There truly is so much that goes behind the scenes of running your own coaching business without a team of employees...and I honestly got caught up in what I wasn’t achieving. I was spending a lot of time comparing myself to other life coaches (tsk, tsk, tsk 👎🏻) who are having businesses that are thriving and busting at the seams with growth. I was thinking the harder I tried to get my message out there the less traction I was getting. The “comparison game” is never a good head space to be in (insert old habit = negative self chatter = no winners, right?) Live and Learn!!

I let myself lose sight of what I like best and that is to coach women to drink less and manage their minds in all areas of their lives so drinking isn’t the go-to solution when life gets you down (or it’s a “go to” to celebrate in excess when things are good and you want to reward yourself).

Beyond all that, I also just felt like hunkering down with the family this summer was a priority since we were sending our second child off to college. I realized I needed to reestablish a connection with myself and find fun in life and not focus on work as much as I was. I took inventory and I realized I was losing connection with friends as well. The empty nest is creeping up on my husband and me and I was realizing that I had lost touch with friends, which is not uncommon as your kids get to be more independent and there aren’t anymore playdates, or school drop offs where you walk your children to their classrooms and see your friends and neighbors, or as many school functions that keep you in touch with friends.

What else: I needed to find my social life again… my solution: tennis. I started to play A LOT of tennis. Just so you know, I’m an “all in” kind of girl. When I decide to do something I GO FOR IT!!… almost in an out of balanced sort of way. For example, I was “all in” as a life coach and then switched that off and became “all in” with tennis. So, over the last few weeks and after sending our middle child off to college I began to reflect on the last three months. I realized that I needed to find balance in all of the things I enjoy. Just as in the habit of drinking, moderation is the key... not too much of anything... tennis included.

I’ve done quite a bit of self coaching and “thought downloads” to figure out a solution. I sought out my life coach friends/colleagues and came up with a solution to find balance and get back on track with coaching. There really is room to have it all. I just need to self coach and manage my mind. News flash: life coaches get off track and fall into old habits. Good news: I have the tools as a life coach to get me back on track. Once you learn them you’ll always have them in your toolbox.

So what does my self reflection have to do with you?

I’m excited to say that I going to offer you some amazing free content over the next few days - so keep an eye on your inbox. I'm doing this to get you motivated and back into the headspace that you CAN change your relationship with alcohol and you CAN manage your mind in ALL areas of your life so alcohol is not your go to at the end of a good, or bad, or taxing day. I’m here to say that you can reward yourself and cope with life without reaching for something outside of yourself. You can learn how to rely on yourself and trust yourself around alcohol.

Be well,


P.S. Email me @ info@stephaniecolson.net and let me know where you are on your journey to drink less and change your relationship with alcohol. Is there any topic you’d like me to discuss and coach you on?

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