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People Who DON'T Drink Do This

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Are you fascinated with someone you know who goes out to dinner with you and they order one drink and sip it the entire evening or not even finish it?

I used to be so intrigued by people like that.

I was NOT one of those people. I'd finish the first glass in record time and I'd be ordering the second glass before the main course arrived to our table. Then I'd sit uncomfortably and find myself half listening to the conversation and battling in my head if I should order a third drink.

I decided to study people like that. I wanted to know what people do who don't drink.

This is what I found out:

People who don't drink DON'T THINK ABOUT ALCOHOL! 🤯

Is that a crazy realization? NO!

It makes perfect sense really.

They DON'T think about what they said last night and regret their behavior. They DON'T think about what they're going to drink tonight. They DON'T have a tug of war in their mind as they drive home from work on whether or not they should stop at the market for a bottle of wine.

So what do they think about?

They think about their lives and setting goals. They think about their family and friends. They think about what they want to do in their future like where to go on vacation, how to up level themselves at work, how to push themselves physically and mentally. They think about how they can invest in themselves and their future.

That can be you, too.

You can have that freedom. That future place of freedom is magical. And I hate to say it but where you are now is truly the pits. It's a merry go round ride that is getting so, so old.

I know the process to change is hard. I know you want the change but you're afraid you won't be successful. I know as soon as you say yes to investing yourself the self doubt will kick in BIG TIME. That's normal. You'll brain will start to talk you out of it.

Just keep your eye on the prize. Start imagining the future you who doesn't over drink. Think about the space in your life that you'll have where you can accomplish anything. You'll have so much mental space to set your goals AND achieve them. You won't be spending your time beating yourself up and talking shit to yourself. All areas of your life will be transformed.

Are you wondering what I did to turn my life around?

I went all in and now it's time for you to do the same.

Invest in yourself by investing in a solution to solve this problem.

Get all the details about Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp HERE.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

-Albert Einstein

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