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Slipping Back Into Your Old Ways

Updated: May 29, 2021

If You Take the Easy Road How Quickly Will Change Happen?

Do you hear your self talk like this:

"This is so hard."

"I'll start tomorrow."

"What's the biggie if I have just one more drink?"

Those are the thoughts coming from the toddler brain that aren't allowed anymore. That child needs discipline!

It can be so easy for us to slip back into our ways and habits. Our primal brain is so efficient and strong willed. It always wants to take the easy road. 


We become complacent and we don't want to do hard things. We convince ourselves that we are exhausted and we just need a break- a way to escape all of the pressures of life. 

Our primal brain tricks us and knows exactly what to say to get what it wants in the easiest way possible. 

I know we all tire of this. We feel stuck and we think we can't make a change.

The BESTnews is that we have a prefrontal cortex that we always have access to that we can be in charge of ALL of our behaviors, decisions, and results.

I have many clients that are gaining momentum, paving the way toward change, and creating a new neural pathway toward losing their desire for over drinking. Some of them have slipped into their old habits and drink off of their drink plan. I coach them through and they go easier on themselves. It takes time to learn this skill. You must go easy on yourself when you drink off of your drink plan.

We are all human and sometimes we hit bumps in the road. It's OK that it happens sometimes.

You must tell yourself,


These clients wanted to sit around and beat themselves up. As you all know by now that never works. Negative thoughts piled on negative thoughts is so unnecessary.

Don't be a prisoner to that thinking.

You can slip up ANDstill be proud of all the work you have put in to making this positive shift in your life become a reality. 

Discomfort and Pain are the Currency

for Change & Growth

The best thing to do is to listen to those thoughts, acknowledge them, and see what happens if you let them take over. What will your results be? If you want to keep beating yourself up you're guaranteed results will be to not feel empowered to keep moving forward and strive for change. You'll just keep getting riding the same merry-go-round. You need to believe that you can choose any thought to make the change. 

What if you could believe that YOU have the power and choice to think any thoughts? 

ALL of your results come from your thoughts!

Yes, there will be discomfort when you try to think new thoughts because your brain wants to do the things that are the easiest. It's motivated to keep things efficient. That's why it wants to slip back into its old ways. That doesn't have to happen. 

Don't think there is anything wrong with you if you drink off your drink plan and slip into your old ways.

Your brain is working exactly as is was designed to act. 

You just need to stay committed to out think it. 

Who is in charge? You are! Stephanie

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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