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The Stigma of Over Drinking

Updated: May 29, 2021

Why can't we talk about how it's so easy to fall into the over drinking category?

Open your eyes and tell your truth

Why is it so shameful? Why is it so hard to admit to it? We can talk about over eating and wanting to lose weight, but we can't talk about over drinking and wanting to talk (at least the majority of us).

I just went for a wonderful walk with a great friend. She has lost over 50 lbs. She is on fire. Her energy is at an all time high. It truly is contagious and I love spending time with people who are on a path of making their lives the best they can be.

She has no drama. She just does the work. It is so easy to talk to her.

I shared with her my journey about over desire for over drinking. It is easy to talk to her about it because she is curious and is fascinated about improving health.

I brought up in the conversation how it's so easy for everyone to talk about losing weight and we wondered why it's so hard to talk about over drinking.

Why is there such a stigma? Why do we think if someone doesn't drink they "must have a problem".

People who drink are feeding their brains a reward. Our brains love a reward so they will pay attention to what it is and the cues (thoughts) that get the reward. There is no problem in that, our brain is working exactly as it was designed to function.

We want to seek pleasure, avoid pain, at the least amount of effort possible. If we are feeling bad we look for an easy solution to make us feel better. Those of us who over drink reach for the booze. We feed our brains a concentrated substance and get a huge dopamine rush.

Why can't it be normal to not drink? Why can't it be normal to talk about it?

I felt good talking to her on a very public walking path where we ran into so many people we know. In the past I would have been looking over my shoulder and talking in a hushed voice so no one would hear my struggles. I didn't do that today. I want the conversation to happen out loud.

I'm considering it as a PSA. I want people to hear me and ask me questions. I want to share my story.

Are you ready to share your story?

Sharing your story could help at least one person to make a change, too, and that's SO worth it.

There are so many benefits to taking back control.

No shame.

No embarrassment.

No hiding.

Waking up clear headed (which cannot be underestimated-it's the best gift I give to myself).

Having energy all day long.

Do things that you stopped doing because you are feeling sluggish, and you're exhausted from beating yourself up.

Benefit after Benefit.

It can be yours, too.

You just need to stop being quiet about it.

Join a tribe of like minded people.

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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