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"You Can't Change & You've Tried Everything"

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Let's get real my friend. Have you tried everything?

That is a classic case of a limiting belief. A limiting belief is a thought/belief that will not propel you forward.

You reading this and is a perfect example that you haven't tried everything. If so, your over desire to over drink would've been kicked to the curb already!

What have you tried... reading a few books, listening to a podcast, going cold turkey, followed a few groups on Facebook or Instagram? Maybe you've tried setting rules and figuring out the best non-alcoholic drink to have to disguise that you're not drinking?

That might feel like "everything".

I get it (trust me, I do)... of course that feels like nothing is working!

My guess is that you've only tried willpower.

Willpower is a limited commodity. It will get you only so far and get you substandard results for a short amount of time. Willpower leaves you feeling gypped and unfulfilled.

My job as a drink less coach is to help people to stop focusing on the booze. It's not about the alcohol, my friend.

You MUST go deeper and examine why you're choosing to drink. It doesn't have to be a deep dark secret or any shameful experience. You can be in the habit of drinking more than you want to because it simply has become a habit.

Don't look at your past for evidence that "you've tried everything and you'll never change". Doing that will keep you stuck!

The only way to go deeper is to take a break... a break that teaches you how to not rely on willpower. A break where you learn how to go inward and reconnect your mind to your body and to think on purpose and not let your old thoughts/beliefs be "facts".

Someone awesome once said, "You don't have to believe everything you think".

What could be different for you if you stopped believing every thought that you have? What would happen if you realized your thoughts are NOT facts!

I challenge you to not believe all of the negative chatter that you have about yourself. I challenge you to take those low quality thoughts about yourself and turn them into HIGH quality thoughts. For example, "I've tried everything so I don't think I'll ever change". Turn that into, "I need to stick with it. I'm worth it. I'm a woman who is learning to stay committed to myself and my goals".

I'll help you get there. It's what I do everyday... I help women to stop beating themselves up so they can stop over drinking and live their best lives without feeling deprived!!

Join me in my signature program Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp!

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