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99% is a Bitch, 100% is a Breeze

Updated: May 29, 2021

Are you torturing yourself with the thought, "I'll try"?

If you are, you're making this journey so much more arduous.

Trying is good but commitment to change is better!

When the urge to have a drink starts to bubble up inside of you, how can you respond?

Why do you want a drink?

What if I offered you a large amount of money to not drink. Would you still want to drink? When you make a commitment to do something it's easier to be all in than just saying to yourself, "I'll try".

99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze!

I'm sure you'd give up sugar or carbs for $100k. Would you do the same with alcohol? The type of commitment I'm teaching in Weekdays Without Wine Bootcamp is that powerful. When you can change your beliefs and mindset with that type of $100k offer, you'll analyze your commitment to cut back or take a break in a whole new light.

Instead of using willpower (which never works long term, trust me I know) ask yourself curious questions that get you to think deeply and beyond the surface and moment of instant gratification:

1) What do I think alcohol is going to give me?

What you're really looking for is a feeling. Feelings are available to you by generating a thought. We tend to think that feelings come first then we think about the feeling. It's actually the opposite. All feelings come from the thoughts you create. Is alcohol going to give you the feeling you're after - absolutely not! When you really start to let that resonate, that's when you start to see the power that you have and that power has been there all of the time! That when you start to gain back your control.

2) What is holding you back from from taking a break?

What are you afraid of? Is your fear based in truth and facts? Or is it a story that you've created? Do people really care if what's in your cup is soda water or alcohol? No! They care about you and what you're thinking and what you have to share. It's the same advice that I give to my kids when they are worried about going somewhere with new people. I tell them "everyone is more concerned about themselves and how they are showing up. All you need to do is worry about yourself and showing up as the best version of yourself".

One of my followers just shared that she was at a gathering and planned to not drink. She was offered shots and drinks by friends. She stayed committed and over came her fear. She was so proud of herself. Best of all she remembered conversations, and wasn't hungover! Now her brain has a roadmap on how to re-create the same thoughts to navigate her next social gathering.

Practice, practice, practice. Don't be hard on yourself if you give into an urge. Use at as information and look at it as a clue just like a crime scene investigator.

Also, don't just gloss over your "wins". We are all guilty of focusing on what's next. Our attention is diverted constantly. Our to do lists are full. I can't stress it enough that your success is rooted in reflection and gratitude.


✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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