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Commitment-Do You Cheat in Your Marriage?

Updated: May 29, 2021

What is your commitment? 

So you've downloaded the Weekdays Without Wine and you've started on your journey to take a break. 

How's your success?

Did you only get so far? 

Have you uncovered much about your drinking habit? 

What have been your insights about yourself?

I REALLY want to know! Send me an email, I really want to know.

Perhaps you've started but just haven't fully committed to making a change.

Are you 100% all in?

You can't just dip your toe in the water to see what taking a break is like. You need to have commitment. If you don't have commitment then you'll only do this work when it's convenient.

You won't move the needle on your drinking habit.


Think of the commitment like you do a relationship with the one you love or the one you're married to. 

When you're committed to someone you don't say to yourself, "Maybe once in a while I'll go out on dates with another man".

NO WAY. You're committed.

There is NO DEBATE! There is no negotiating with yourself if you're going to be with someone else. You are 100% committed.


This is what I'm talking about when you're committed to taking a break. This journey will be so much easier if you think of the commitment in the same way. 

You can't just say, "well, we'll see if I drink or not at that party", or "I'll see how it goes and I'll play it by ear depending on what everyone else is doing". Trust me, that is your lower primal brain pulling out all the sneaky shots to get you to have a drink so the lower brain can get its reward. 

When you commit in the same way I guarantee that you will NOT waste time with the mental chatter negotiating with yourself. 

If you don't smoke and someone offers you a cigarette there is never any negotiating. You just say no! It's so easy. You have committed to not smoke.


As soon as you leave room for a thought like, "we'll see how I'll do tonight", you're letting your life be at the affect of your lower brain.


If you want control you need to commit. 

Write down your top 10 reasons why you need to take a break. 

Practice writing them down every single day first thing in the morning for the next 30 days to set your intention for the day.

When you do this you are reminding your brain of your commitment. You're engaging your human, decision making brain, the pre-frontal cortex. You are NOT living at the whim of the lower primal brain. 

When you feel the thoughts and urges bubbling up in the late afternoon revisit your list. Keep it handy so you have a this tool to back you up when the lower brain is throwing its tantrum to get the reward. 


✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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