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Do You Think Your Drinking Habit Will Never Change?

Updated: May 29, 2021

I used to think that my drinking habit would never change especially if I'd taken a long break and found myself back to drinking.

I'd go round and round thinking about how did this just happen? I was so convicted to stay on my Drink Plan. It all seemed to just slip away and I had no control over how I got off my Drink Plan. 

All I could think about is what had gone wrong?

I was doing so well. I'm always better when I don't drink but I can't seem to stick to my plan. Round and round creating more shame... YIKES that's not fun!

I would think this even if I only had one or two drinks. 

I was very frustrated. The longer I was frustrated the harder it was for me to get back on track with my Drink Plan.

I stayed in frustration until I sat still enough and did some DEEP work on myself.

I stayed in frustration because all I wanted to do was beat myself up (which obviously got me nowhere). I stayed in frustration because I kept focusing on "what had gone wrong" instead of looking at my drinking as a way to get more information about my habit. 

What I figured out was that I held on to all of these expectations of myself throughout the day. Even if it was something small. I looked at my daily to do list as something to get through. I thought I was so noble to be "getting things done". I was working so hard without slowing down and looking at what I did get done. I ended the day thinking things as harmless as, "A glass of wine would sure help me relax after the day I had", or "I got so much done, I deserve a glass of wine".

These thoughts are so informative to the habit. These types of thoughts are called permission giving thoughts. They slip through us unnoticed at times. But, if you do the work I've been teaching you, you'll start to be on to yourself and understand your habit on a deeper level.

What I'm trying to convey is that we focus too much on the drinking and that if we do have a drink it's "bad" rather than looking at what lead up to the moment we did have a drink. 

Challenge yourself to see how much information you can pull out of your entire day when you are feeling the urge to have a drink. All of that information can be logged on to your 100 Urges worksheet that you have from the Weekdays Without Wine Program. The more unanswered urges you collect the closer you'll be to creating that new neural pathway to not only stop over drinking but to stop desiring a drink (no more drinking thinking).

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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