I Was Wrong About My Drinking

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it,


I have a hard time admitting I'm wrong!

I didn't know how to trust myself around my drinking decisions. I CONSTANTLY gave into the voice that wanted to have "just one". I was tricking myself into thinking I was right, and that I really didn't have a bad relationship with alcohol.  When I finally admitted to being wrong about my beliefs surrounding alcohol, things started to change drastically (for the better). When I started on the journey of being sober curious and stopping over drinking I really needed to re-evaluate and look deep inside of myself and realize how much I compared my drinking habits with others. I constantly found reasons and excuses that I was “ok” and “everyone else drinks too”. I finally saw the light and learned that all that mattered was what I thought of myself and what I wanted my drinking to look like.  My relationship with myself is the most important one I have. I needed to be accountable for all my actions especially when I was alone and no one was around to see how much I was drinking. I was always hiding how much I consumed and I was really good at it. But, at the end of the day the only person I was hurting was ME!  I had to learn to trust myself and build my confidence back that I would follow through on my promises to myself. Self confidence is what I realized I was lacking.  Do you trust yourself and believe you can keep the promises that you commit to to stop over drinking? Maybe you haven’t realized that’s what’s missing for you on your journey to stop over drinking. What do you believe about yourself?   Let me know. Send me an email. It will only be between me and you. 

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