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Is Alcohol Being A Good Friend Right Now?

Updated: May 29, 2021

There is NO humanness in booze.

Do you feel like taking a break from booze is like losing a friend?

How will you cope when times are tough without it?

How will you find comfort without it?

Has booze helped you these last 6 weeks or hindered you?

Are you feeling stronger drinking alcohol during the Covid-19 or a little less than yourself?

Is it chipping away at your health, well-being, self-confidence little by little?

Or is it giving you a headache, bloated belly, rank morning breath, more stress and forgotten memories?

No good friend would do any of that, guaranteed. 

Alcohol is just a liquid in a glass.

It doesn't speak to you.

It doesn't reciprocate your love.

It just sits there.

You like it because you have a thought/story/belief about how you THINK it will benefit you.

The problem is, if you're over drinking there is no benefit.

GOOD NEWS: You can rewrite your thoughts about booze.

You can choose to create a new belief about it and about your "relationship" with it.

The way you solve how to cope with life is through your thoughts, not through over drinking. 

What do you want to create for yourself? 

Take your thoughts and write them down. Do this everyday. Don't stop. 

Use curiosity, not judgement.

You are your own best friend. Booze is not. 

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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