It's Not the Alcohol That's Holding Us Back

Alcohol is not human and it doesn't have human qualities.

Alcohol doesn't make us do anything.

We make ourselves do everything.


With our thoughts.

With our decisions.

We must not blame our actions on anything outside of ourselves.

Our actions come first from a thought-that thought generates a feeling-that feeling drives our actions.

Every movement and every result we have in our lives comes from within us.

Our actions come from us.

Not from the booze.

Not from the "hard day".

Not from the celebration (that we over drink at).

It's within you.

Manage your thoughts.

Don't let that uncontrolled and unmanaged mind run your life.


Pay attention to those sneaky thoughts that drift in your brain. Right now they are unnoticed and unconscious.

Shed some light on them by stopping, and listening.

Shame lives in the shadows.

The only way out of this over drinking cycle is to shed some light on to your thoughts.

If you don't have the skills or tools to do so, I'll show you how.

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