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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I'm gonna get real here. Weight-loss! I decided to share because 95% of my clients ask me about weight-loss. It is usually #1 on their goal list when they want to live a life with less alcohol. Of course, I too wanted to lose weight when I started this journey to live a life with less alcohol (and I did), but lately I haven't been following all of the protocol I know to follow. Alcohol does pack on the lbs. and does a number of unhealthy things when we drink it in excess. (There's so much to that topic but I don't want to go off on a tangent -  it's the 2nd favorite topic of mine next to stopping over drinking). I'm a researcher. I love to research all things health and wellness.  I'm especially interested in eating habits that fight against cancer because I lost my sweet sister to cancer 9 years ago (she was 41).  I happily volunteered to be the person who researched curing her cancer and making her battle more comfortable and strong through diet and nutrition (along side of her chemo and radiation).  I've learned so much...but I've been looping my thoughts in old school thinking that has had me stuck. Eat less, exercise more. Well, that just doesn't work now that I'm peri-menopausal. I just kept finding myself swimming against the current. I was bloated and inflamed and the number on the scale wouldn't budge. I felt like I just couldn't eat so restrictively anymore.

I was frustrated. So back to the research I went.  I typed some keywords in my search (The Google's - I do have a degree at Google University!) that would help me find answers and I found a "lifestyle way" of eating that checked all the boxes I was looking for (I don't like the word diet).

✅ Cancer fighting

✅ Low inflammation - cancer thrives in inflammation and high acidic guts ✅ Weight-loss ​​​​​​​✅ Mental clarity ​​​​​​​✅ Reduction of diseases ​​​​​​​✅ Reduction of Parkinson's (my dad died last year from cancer and Parkinson's) ​​​​​​​✅ Better brain function (decrease risk for dementia) ​​​​​​​✅ Better sleep ​​​​​​​✅ Loss of sugar cravings (which is tied to alcohol cravings - yay for all of us who want to cut back - yes urges our in our thoughts but we have to know about the chemical reactions/digestion that happens when you consume alcohol) ​​​​​​​✅ Lower risk of diabetes ✅ Menopause and weight-loss

I can't begin to tell you how happy I've been since I've started this lifestyle eating.  I figured I should share it with all of you in case you're in the same spot as I was. The premise of it this lifestyle eating makes perfect sense.

  1. Intermittent fasting 

  2. Anti-inflammatory foods

  3. Whole Foods - no sugar, flour, (kind of like Keto but healthy meats and fats, not cured/processed meats -  you'll see what I mean once you read all about)

All of these things I was familiar with because of the research I did for my sister.  I just wasn't incorporating them in enough in my day to day life.  The other great thing that is... it is designed by a woman/physician (OB-GYN). A woman who went through some tough times (similar to mine), gained weight, tried to eat less exercise more... and it wasn't working for her, either.  The first thing that changed for me was my bloated stomach - it was drastically lower within 4 days (more will dissipate as I keep up with it and lose so more weight). Pants that used to fit me around my stomach weren't fitting me anymore, but now they do again in such a short amount of time. I lost 6 lbs. in the first week (I'd like to lose a total of 20 lbs. but I'd like to see where my body naturally sits with it's own comfortable weight while eating these types of foods). My energy is up.  Sleep is better. Sugar cravings are... gone!!

#1 It's important to be healthy and have a disease fighting gut and digestive system

#2 weight loss is secondary but of course, welcome!

I'll keep you all posted.  Dr. Mary Claire Haver has cracked the code. She's had over 25,000 people go through her program and the results are astonishing! Click the image to learn more about her program!  It's super inexpensive -  $59

For more of my favorite resources click HERE.

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