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No One Can Do Your Push Ups For You

Updated: May 29, 2021

To get to the bottom of the habit of over drinking we must recognize that over drinking alcohol is a symptom of a deeper problem. Any behavior that has a net negative consequence is a response to a variety of factors in your life. Ultimately, the goal to stop over drinking is to face the music of the underlying factors and not replace one habit of over doing one thing to over doing another (over shopping, over eating, over T.V. watching, etc). Some people focus so much on not drinking or stopping over drinking that they don't pay attention or understand how to identify "why" they drink.  Even if you do manage to stop over drinking but fail to work on the "why" you drink, the end result will be that you'll most likely not be fulfilled in life. For example, if you have lost weight and arrived at your goal weight by just following an eating protocol, doing the tedious work, and using willpower you could end up asking yourself why after all of this hard work you are still not happy? You'll think, "I'm thin now but I still have the same problems as when I was over weight".  The reason you were over weight is not because you over ate, it's because of the "why" you over ate in the first place. You'd need to ask the question: "What thoughts drove the action to over eat"? The change happens when you know the reason why you over ate. The same holds true for stopping over drinking. You can reach your goals, do the homework/worksheets, but I'll put money on it that you if reach your goals with only using willpower and don't learn how to feel your feelings and learn the "why", you will still have a gap or void in your life. I tried to quit drinking and was successful at it many times for long bouts of abstinence, but I was miserable the whole time. I was in the land of scarcity, i.e., "this sucks", "I'm missing out", "I'm the only one not drinking", etc.  I learned how to be in the land of abundance, "I'm thriving without drinking", "I'm better without drinking". I didn't get there until I faced up to the "why" I was over drinking.  Learning the "why" is learning how to feel your feelings. A feeling is a vibration in your body. It moves through you.You will survive feeling the sensation of a negative feeling. In fact, you'll be stronger because you stood your ground and didn't give in to avoiding and resisting it.  There is no way around it, you must do the "why" work in order for all of your hard work and dedication to stick. 


You Can't Hire Someone to do Your Push Ups for You

- Jim Rohn


The goal is not to be sober and miserable. The goal for all of you should not only be to stop over drinking but to ALSO  thrive and have the most incredibly fabulous life that you want. One that you engineered and built yourself. I want you all to brag about yourself just as you would brag about your child working hard on something and achieving his/her goal... like working hard in high school and getting accepted in to the college of his/her dreams (you know you'd be sportin' the college sweatshirt advertising where your child is going to college-I do!)!  Doing the work on the why will make you so much stronger in all areas of your life.  G-A-U-R-A-N-T-E-E-D!  With Deep Love, Stephanie

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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