Surviving Peer Pressure

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The question I get most often is, "How do I say no to someone who is offering me a drink"?

I truly think that this is everyone's biggest fear.

We are so worried about what others think that we put our own well being on the back burner and give in to the peer pressure and just order a drink or say yes completely unconsciously.

Trust me my friends, it doesn't have to be as big as a deal as you are making it. I know it seems like it can be rough at the beginning, but it truly is all in your thoughts.

Most people, including yourself, are so hung up and caught up in ourselves that we THINK that other people are spending their time thinking about US when in all actuality they are thinking of THEMSELVES! Admit it, you know exactly what I'm saying :).

Test it out next time you go to a social situation and you say no to an alcoholic drink. Yes, you might be questioned why, or if you are sick, or you might get a sideways look as if there is something wrong with you because you are always the go to party girl. Take a breath and give it 5 minutes and I guarantee that no one is bothered by you not drinking alcohol. The other person is thinking about the next thing on their mind and will have moved on to socializing.

You can do the "I"m not drinking" dance and make up an excuse like you're on antibiotics, or you going to "grab one in a minute" to avoid the "awkward" conversation when you say, "No thanks, I'm not drinking tonight" and as to why you said no. Or you can say that you are taking a break, or doing a Weekdays Without Wine Challenge and you felt so good not drinking during the week that you are going to ride it out and take a break for a longer period of time.

I liken it to when you go on a diet and you look good and you get a lot of comments about your appearance. Then, you tell the person your regimen and the other person becomes curious and wants to know more about your "secret".

Your sharing could inspire someone else to reexamine their own drinking habits; it could deepen your relationship.

If at first, you do need to buffer your reason and not be completely honest, THAT'S PERFECTLY OK!

I challenge you to ask yourself what are you afraid of? If what you're afraid of is being awkward/in-secure, I'd explore that. Ask yourself why you don't have enough confidence in your goals for well being to share with others?

Peer pressure is SOLEY in our heads/thoughts.

Everyone wants to step up their game of life. Share your courage and don't let peer pressure stifle your inner beast! Keep in mind your results that you are striving for. Your results/goals begin with your thoughts...





The smallest shifts in our thinking changes the trajectory of our life's goals.

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