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We Aren't Taught to Deal With Our Emotions

Updated: May 29, 2021

Process Your Emotions

We don't know how to process emotions and we aren't taught that discomfort is a valued and necessary part of the human experience. Without sadness, we have no frame of reference for happiness.  No one tells us that half of our lives are supposed to be negative emotions that make positive emotions possible. For some reason we believe that we should be happy all of the time, and since we aren't taught to welcome negative emotions, we resist them or attempt to numb or avoid these emotions with alcohol or other buffers (over shopping, over eating, over T.V. watching, etc). To change our drinking, we must stop trying to numb or buffer our emotions with alcohol. The way we do this is to learn to allow and process our feelings.

When we allow negative emotions, we gain authority over them.  When we resist or avoid, we suffer.

A feeling is nothing more than a vibration in our bodies. Nothing more. A feeling is different from a physical sensation like hunger. Physical sensations start in the body and travel to the brain. Feelings are always caused by thought and then become vibrations in our bodies.  When we become curious and willing to experience these vibrations, we typically find they aren't such a bid deal after all.Most people hesitate to open themselves up to negative emotion because they imagine the experience will be intolerable, or worse yet, that they will fall into some sort of black hole, unable to climb out.  But this really isn't true. I promise. 

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