We Turn to Alcohol For Relief

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Why do we turn to a drink for relief?

We turn to a drink for relief because we are feeling some sort of negative emotion:






Yes, in the moment when you consume alcohol you get relief.


What happens when that TEMPORARY RELIEF wears off?

Those emotions are still there waiting for us on the other side of the temporary relief.

We feel restlessness, boredom, anxiety, frustration, loneliness anyway.

Even worse, you are now feeling those feelings with a hangover on top of it. Now, you are feeling pain AND all of the other negative emotions that were there in the first place.

Sprinkle in more self deprecating thoughts to the mix and that's the recipe for a life that doesn't change.

I PROMISE YOU, if you are willing to NOT be afraid of feeling a negative emotion you will break free from this merry-go-round ride.

If you are NOT afraid to feel discomfort you will accomplish your goals. 

My coach and mentor, Brooke Castillo has a favorite quote. I love the simplicity of it:

Your success in life and in business depends on being uncomfortable. The more willing you are to being uncomfortable, the more success you'll have in life.

When you have a goal you want to achieve you know it will have some discomfort. But you move through it anyway.

What's on the other side of discomfort?

True pleasure that comes from within you.

You will not be reliant on something external (alcohol) to make you feel better.

You will be that source of pleasure. 

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