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When Is The Right Time To Take A Break?

Updated: May 29, 2021

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How many times have you said to yourself that right now is not the time to take a break from drinking? Do you say you'll wait until the problem is "bad" because right now it isn't "so bad" (please don't wait until you'e hit a rock bottom or do something you'll really regret). Or you'll wait until the holidays are in full throttle and you'll need the strength of a coaching program during that time. That is your brain behaving "normally" because it doesn't want to concentrate on anything hard right now. The thought of making a change is a THREATto the peace and happiness your brain lives in when it continues down the "easy road" of drinking. I'll put ALLmy money on it that you will be stronger for the holidays if you begin cutting back and taking a break now I'll tell you why... by starting now you'll have set into motion a new neural pathway to lose your desire to drink. It's like training for a marathon over a course of months rather than stepping out your door and running a marathon without any training (you could do that but there's almost a 100% guaranteed you'd injure yourself or not finish). If you start now you'll have so much more practice beforethe fall and winter holidays begin. If you continue to over drink now, you are only reinforcing the neural pathway that is embedded in your brain to still desire alcohol.  Start your "brain strength training" now.  It's scientific. Think Pavlov's dogs. It takes time to recondition the brain. 

For me it was an on and off decision for more than 15 years!  And my drinking only progressively got worse the longer a procrastinated. I'd say that I'd wait until after the holidays. I'd say summertime is too hard because of all of the impromptu invitations. Or the thought of a relaxing evening outdoors. 

I'll tell ya'll something: There will NEVER be the "RIGHT" time!  Life is always happening. There will ALWAYS be things to celebrate, things to mourn, anxiety to tackle.  NOW is the RIGHT time.  The sooner you start the better. You need to walk through the fire NOW. This B.S. excuse that you keep repeating ONLY GETS YOU THE SAME RESULTS - DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY! The "thought prison" that you're in by continuing on without making a change. While you wait for the "RIGHT"time you just keep teaching your brain to associate drinking alcohol with celebration, mourning, anxiety, relaxing, (fill in the blank _____________). These things will ALWAYS be present. Let's just stop mixing alcohol with them and stop teaching your brain to associate with ALL of these emotions. The way to make lasting change is to not only say no to a drink but to also manage your mind and that begins with being curious as to WHY you're drinking in the first place.  You'll never find the answer at the bottom of a bottle.  You'll only find it IN YOU when you have a clear mind. I remember when I joined the Stop Over Drinking Program with Brooke Castillo  I knew I would be damned if I was still riding the same merry-go-round by the time I was 50 (I joined when I was 45, now I'm 48).  I have not looked back since.  So... what are you waiting for? 

✅ P.S. Need a simple to follow step-by-step process to drink less? Check out my signature programs HERE.

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